Minimalist Wood iPad Stands. Handcrafted in the USA.


Our objective behind the COBURNS was simple: design compact, versatile, and beautiful iPad stands. Our focus was to create a minimal, clean look with an organic material that compliments the refined feel of the iPad.

To pay homage to those who have come before us, we name every Fine Grain product after one of our ancestors surnames. For this product, we chose Coburn, which comes from Eric's family tree.


We found strong, exotic hardwoods to use for the COBURNS. The lighter wood is a rare and limited Bird's eye Maple from a local wood source. The darker wood is Pau Ferro, which comes from South America.

Each pair is like a family, made together from start to finish. Once cut to shape, they are chamfered (to complement the iPad), branded, and finished by hand.

We’ve also designed natural wool felt packaging that can be

used as a hook for a keychain or carabiner.


All of the work that has gone into perfecting the COBURNS has produced a thoroughly better stand for the iPad.

They provide almost unlimited viewing angles for your iPad in both portrait and landscape. This is the main advantage over most of the other iPad stands on the market.

They are compact, stowable, and can go just about anywhere. The magnets are so much fun that nobody can help but play with them, and they are completely safe to use with your iPad. They won't damage the screen or any internal parts.

Wood is softer than glass, so you don't have to worry about it scratching your iPad, just make sure your iPad is clean before you use them.

The COBURNS work only with the naked iPad. They will not work with screen protectors, skins, etc.


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